Q: Where are your plants located?

A: Hygrade has three manufacturing and distribution facilities strategically located to service its customers: Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Mt. Pleasant, TN (Nashville), Milwaukie, OR (Portland).

Q: What should we use to clean muntin bar?

A:  Muntin bar should be handled carefully to avoid marring the finish. Saws and cutting surfaces should be kept clean and free of metal shavings. To avoid damaging the paint, do not clean painted metal bar with anything other than a mild household glass cleaner. We recommend gently wiping the muntin bar with a soft clean cloth before installation in an insulated glass unit.

Q: What profiles can two-tone muntin come in?

A: Two-tone muntin is available in traditional rectangular & contoured euro muntin profiles.

Q: Does Hygrade have stock size galvanized steel reinforcements?

A: Hygrade has over 1700 different profiles of galvanized steel stiffeners to reinforce vinyl windows and patio doors.  These profiles have been designed to fit specific vinyl cavities and are generally made to order.  However, Hygrade has expandable tooling and expertise to permit fabrication of a wide variety of shapes to meet your requirements, often without any tooling cost. Call us at 800-645-9475 x 210 to discuss how Hygrade can quickly and economically meet your reinforcing needs.