Meet 30/30 with Thermal Edge

thermaledgeHygrade’s Thermal Edge helps window manufacturers achieve 30/30  to meet stimulus package requirements.

Architectural Testing, Inc. in York, PA conducted  computer simulations to see if  low profile, Thermal Edge spacer could be used to help the window manufacturers meet the efficiency requirements of the new stimulus package -an overall U-Factor less than .300 and a Solar Heat Gain Coefficient less than .300.

The results of the simulations indicated that when Hygrade’s Thermal Edge warm edge spacer is used in conjunction with Argon and certain Low-e glass, meeting the requirements of  the stimulus package is  achievable.  The Thermal Edge combination allowed all tested glass permutations to achieve the required U-factor.  However, meeting the SHGC requirement is primarily dependent on the Low-e glass used.  When coupled with appropriate Low-e glass and argon, using Thermal Edge results in  meeting the SHCG requirements, as well.

While preliminary testing indicates that the Thermal Edge can be used successfully in windows that meet the stimulus requirements, it is the responsibility of the window manufacturers to have their particular window design, vinyl  framing materials and glass packets simulated to assure that their specific window products meet the requirements.

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